We are proud to invite you, our shareholders, to attend Aegros AGM on Monday 6th March 2023 and the details and forms for the AGM are at the bottom of this page.

But while some investors have been with us a while, others are new to our family and so we’d like to help you get to know us better.

At Aegros we set out to put Patients 1st through our innovative technology. We believe access to therapeutic plasma products is a human right, and the HaemaFrac® is how we will make that happen. We are aspirational and live by our values of: Talent, Delivery & Respect/Inclusion. To this end we have provided additional information on each of our resolutions which shareholders can access via the links below. Our objective is to be transparent in our actions, enabling you, as the shareholder, to make informed decisions.

Ordinary business

1. Financial statements and reports: Read the full text and watch a short video.


1. Re-election of Director – Prof Hari Nair: Read the full text and watch a short video.

2. Re-election of Director – Mr John Manusu: Read the full text and watch a short video.

3. Re-election of Director – Ms Janet Bowen: Read the full text and watch a short video.

4. Issue of Shares – Unexercised Options: Read the full text and watch a short video.

2022 was a year to be bottled

In a years’ time we believe 2023 will make 2022 look like an average year. 2023 is the year in which the rubber hits the road as we expect to commence sales in Q4. Shareholders should understand there are no free lunches, particularly when you take on an oligopolistic market with a disruptive technology. We do expect pushback and there will be setbacks, but we are now past the point of inflection. The technology has been approved for production (GMP license) and now the 1st participant has been successfully dosed with our hyperimmune, meaning the product is safe. From here on in it is operational risk we are managing, and we have the team to deliver on that.

2022 also saw the Queensland Government agree to support our 1M L HaemaFrac® facility. We expect this to come online in 2025/6. At that time we move from a purely hyperimmune manufacturer to a manufacturer of IVIG/Albumin and other plasma products. The clock is now ticking for the existing fractionators. Who will blink first?

We encourage you to attend our AGM, in person if you would like to vote on the day and via video if you would like to cast a proxy before the meeting. Either way you will be able to ask questions during the meeting and listen to a Company presentation we will give at the conclusion of the meeting.

Finally, once again we would like to thank, you as our investors for the faith you have placed in us. We will continue to deliver and surprise on the upside.




  1. Notice of Meeting & Proxy Form
  2. Aegros Annual Accounts FY22

Voting matters:

The matters to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting will affect your shareholding and your vote is important.

Shareholders are asked to contact the Company Secretary on (02) 9856 3500 or Email if you have any queries in respect of the arrangements for the 2023 Annual General Meeting.