Aegros Engineering offers the following two services

Generally prospective customers seek to have their own facility within their jurisdiction for economic, security and other reasons. As a general rule if you are processing more than 50,000L of plasma pa it is more economical to build a fractionation facility using the Aegros HaemaFrac® process. 

More information about the advantages of HaemaFrac® is available.

For annual plasma volumes less than 50,000L it is generally more economical for Aegros to contract fractionate the plasma.

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Aegros will build a fractionation facility to your specifications.


In this phase we work with you to produce a report setting out the project parameters including facility details, products to be produced, a project costing, financial analysis and project critical path. This stage generally takes 3-6 months to complete. The design phase enables customers to make a commercial decision with accuracy.


The construction phase is carried out in line with the critical path. Aegros undertakes the project management of the project and delivers the work in conjunction with specialist engineering groups. Aegros can work on a cost plus or on a fixed price basis, depending on the customers preferences.


Once the project is completed Aegros will obtain regulatory approval to the agreed level, for example to local regulatory approval and or EMA/FDA approval level.


Once the facility has been validated by the agreed regulatory authority Aegros will undertake an agreed number of production batches. Upon successful completion of these test batches Aegros will handover the facility to the customer and or their representative. Aegros can also be contracted to continue running the facility under a separate contractual arrangement.

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Contract Fractionation

Aegros also offers a contract fractionation services. Aegros can fractionate your plasma into:

Albumin, IVIG and FVIII

Aegros offers this service on annual volumes over 5,000L. Below the 5,000L pa level Aegros can supply these products from its therapeutic products supply.

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