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Professor Hari Nair, Aegros Co-founder and Executive Chair has been acknowledged by UQ with the conferral of an Adjunct Professorship.

Professor Hari Nair, Co-Founder and Executive Chair Aegros is proud to have been conferred with an Adjunct Professorship from UQ
Professor Hari Nair, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Aegros.

This comes to Professor Nair in recognition for his service to medical science, academic research, and for a lifetime spent blending pioneering research with commercial success, including at UQ’s Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), where Professor Nair has forged strong collaborations  thanks to an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant with Chief Investigator Professor Kris Thurecht and Emeritus Professor Stephen Mahler, and a Queensland Government-funded Advance QLD Industry Research Fellowship, awarded to Doctor Craig Bell.

“I am tremendously proud of this honour and it solidifies an already close relationship with the University of Queensland, and recognises the work done by Aegros and its predecessors over the last 40 years,” said Professor Hari Nair.

AIBN director Professor Alan Rowan congratulated Professor Hari Nair on his adjunct professorship and said it was a practical way UQ could acknowledge his contribution to translating science into real solutions.

“Professor Nair’s academic track record and history of developing pathways for scientific ideas to reach commercial success in the biomedical space, speaks for itself,” Professor Rowan said.

“At the AIBN, we work closely with industry to translate cutting-edge science into game-changing solutions, which is why our relationship with Aegros, which spans many years is so important.

“Together we are working on solutions to some of society’s biggest problems.”

A Haematologist by training, Professor Nair is an international expert in coagulation science with a special emphasis on fibrinogen and is the author of over 100 research publications. Professor Nair is the co-inventor of the HaemaFrac® which is the electroseparation technology which has revolutionalised human plasma fractionation. Aegros is currently operating Australia’s only other plasma fractionation plant in Sydney and will build a 1M L plant in Australian cementing its place as Australia’s other plasma fractionator. Professor Nair had over 50 patents on various aspects of electrophoretic plasma separation technologies and discovered the use of nano carbon particles in the radiographic imaging of blood clots. 

Professor Nair has lent his expertise to governmental and international organisations, including the World Health Organisation, and has served on the boards of a number of international biotechnology companies and US state Commercialisation Boards for Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

Professor Nair has also many career highlights in commercial operations, including financial raisings, corporate public relations and organisational integration strategies, Human Resources, IP strategy and management, financial management, mergers and acquisitions and Research and Development. Professor Nair’s work has led to the first commercial Good Manufacturing Process certification for a new plasma fractionation technology anywhere in the world over the last 80 years of the industry.

“I have been so privileged to have a career in science and biotechnology that has taken me to four continents while also allowing me to make a difference on some of the biggest medical challenges before us, such as making medicines out of blood plasma.

“I thank the University of Queensland for the honour of this conferral and for the opportunity to continue to collaborate on leading edge medical science. This is a real career highlight and I also thank all those who I have shared this journey with me,” said Professor Hari Nair.

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