There have been no shortages recently of events and incidents that have thrown global supply chains into chaos.

From Covid-19 to boats stuck in canals; from war in Europe to governments seizing supplies from the private sector in order to bolster national stockpiles.

All of these disruptions to supply also affect the flow of vital medicines made from blood plasma, an issue made all the more pressing as around two-thirds of all plasma comes from donors in the United States of America.

Business Insider recently investigated this pinch point in global supply.

Existing arrangements for making plasma derived medicine products are very vulnerable to changes of policy from health officials in the USA.

Australia, indeed nations all over the globe, need a new process that produces far more therapeutic products from the life-saving plasma donated by individuals.

That new process exists, it is the Aegros HaemaFrac®. Learn more about HaemaFrac®’s higher yields from source plasma, as well as all the other ways HaemaFrac® is re-shaping the plasma fractionation landscape.