Proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Invested in Queensland program.

Aegros is extremely proud to partner with the Queensland government and its Invest In Queensland initiative, to build a one million litre plasma fractionation facility at Springfield BioPark.

Video caption: The Hon Cameron Dick is joined by Aegros Co-founder and other dignitaries for the official announcement of the Queensland government’s support for Aegros’ new one million litre HaemaFrac® plasma fractionation facility.

You can also read the Queensland government’s media release about the announcement.

Blood plasma is a vital component to life-saving medicines used in neurology, immunology, trauma surgery, haemophilia and related conditions, and new therapies are being developed every day.

Around 3% of Australia’s population depends on these medicines for quality of life however Australia currently only meets around 50% of its annual needs from blood plasma donated by Australian donors – the rest comes from imported plasma as part of a US $19B market that is frequently at risk from disruptions in supply; whether by war, global diseases, as well as by ever-growing demand.

The new $352 million dollar facility, run on Aegros’ Australian-invented HaemaFrac® technology, will lift Australia’s self sufficiency in blood plasma medicines from around 50% to over 90%, securing a reliable supply of these life-saving medicines well into the future and reducing costs for the Queensland and Australian health care budgets.

HaemaFrac® plasma fractionation achieves this by almost doubling the yield of therapeutic products recovered from a litre of plasma, compared to existing fractionation technologies.

This is an enormous win for the patients of Queensland, their families and communities. It is also a win for all in Australia who rely on these vital medicines.

A launch event has held on Friday 25 November on site at the BioPark Australia in Greater Springfield and was well attended and saw Aegros Co-founder Professor Hari Nair joined by the Hon Cameron Dick, Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment. The Treasurer spoke on how this plant will support those who rely on plasma medicines, create jobs and growth for South East Queensland, and will become the anchor for the BioPark’s vision of becoming a technology, pharmaceutical, and medical technology hub for Queensland.

Aegros’ new plant will be operational in 2025 and will manufacture plasma-derived medicines such as immunoglobulin, albumin, Factor VIII and Factor IX. Currently these medicines are made in only one place in Australia but thanks to Queensland’s support and Aegros’ HaemaFrac® innovation, Australia’s output of these medicines will more than double. This will create export opportunities for these vital medicines while at the same time building Australia’s pandemic preparedness, its structural resilience, and its sovereign capacity.

This announcement places Aegros amongst the pillars of Australia’s heath care infrastructure.

Aegros looks forward to continuing to work with the Queensland government, to bring its new facility online in 2025, and to delivering safe, reliable, affordable blood plasma medicines to Queenslanders for generations to come.