Damian Thornton, CEO of Aegros Engineering and Interim CEO of Aegros Therapeutics, is at the Telstar manufacturing facility in Barcelona Spain, and is pleased to present a short look at Aegros’ new HF-02 HaemaFrac® as it begins its factory acceptance test regime.

This new machine is the next stage in the evolution not only of HaemaFrac® technology but plasma fractionation in general.

Using 8 cartridges and having capacity to process up to 150,000 liters of plasma per year, the HF-02 will be the mainstay of Aegros’ hyperimmune production capability at Macquarie Park NSW. This will improve Aegros’ output capacity from the current level of 30,000 liters per year possible with the HF-01.

Well done to Damian and all in the Engineering and Therapeutics teams. We look forward to receiving and installing the HF-02 later this year.

Aegros looks forward to sharing more information about the HF-02 as it becomes available.