Pioneering academic scientist Dr Majid E Warkiani of the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) School of Biomedical Engineering and Aegros’ science teams, are offering internships from all academic stages, to enhance students’ commercialisation, know-how, and to provide them with practical experience in the kinds of leading edge science needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

With its revolutionary Haemafrac® plasma fractionation process, Aegros is challenging all the old assumptions about what is possible when it comes to biological separations and the manufacture of plasma derived medical products. Aegros is looking to train a new breed of bioseparation scientist, trained up and ready to push the boundaries of this new technology.

UTS School of Biomedical Engineering

Dr Warkiani’s research vision seeks to bring together advances in cost-effective, cell-sorting technologies, for the medical and biotechnology sectors, and has deep experience in the commercialisaltion of technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Aegros’ membrane-driven technologies have the potential to support the sorts of breakthroughs Dr Warkiani has been working on and for which he has been widely recognised as a research scientist to watch in the future. The same is true of the undergraduate, post-graduate, and early-career researchers Dr Warkiani works with each day at the UTS School of Biomedical Engineering.

By inviting a cohort of UTS biomedical engineering young academics for collaborations and hands-on work within Aegros’ R&D Department, students can gain valuable industry experience and Aegros has the chance to train scientists to undertake the specific forms of research it needs to push its technical breakthroughs even further. There is the potential for an internship role to grow into a full time position.

Aegros is seeking active partnership arrangements with UTS in several areas, and is in addition to its existing collaborations with other leading Australian universities and institutes.

Aegros looks forward to working with researchers from UTS’s School of Biomedical Engineering, and to keeping you informed about the results of these interns’ activities.