The Australian Financial Review (AFR) today featured a write-up on everyone’s favourite new fractionator: Aegros.

Image: Founders Professor Hari Nair and Mr John Manusu proudly display the Aegros HaemaFrac®, which is set to revolutionise plasma fractionation in Australia and around the world.

The AFR article covers:

  • The 30-year maturity of the company’s HaemaFrac® technology,
  • The substantial competitive advantage the HaemaFrac® offers over existing plasma fractionating technologies, including:
    • Yielding double the quantity of vital medicines per litre of processed plasma
    • Agile batch sizes and ability to process bespoke runs
    • Lower capital and running costs; and
    • Quicker processing times for batches.
  • The export and domestic opportunities for Aegros products and technologies; and
  • Aegros’ intent to hold an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange in Q3 2023.

The article raised awareness of Aegros’ current capital raising activities, explaining that the funds raised will be used to expand current production capacity at Aegros’ existing plant, complete clinical trials of its first product, a hyperimmune against Covid-19.

In addition to the current round of fund raising, the AFR article also discussed the scale of the opportunity before Aegros in the global US$20B plasma fractionation.

You can read the source article here (subscription required).