The Aegros Group is pleased to announce that it has appointed Dr. Ranjeet S. Ajmani to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Aegros Asia.

Dr Ajmani is called the father of India’s blood plasma industry and has a well-established and respected reputation across South-East Asia for his academic, commercial, and policy work setting up blood transfusion and blood plasma collection networks and infrastructure.

Caption: Dr Ranjeet S. Ajmani has been appointed CEO of Aegros Asia.

Dr Ajmani holds a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, and he was a Visiting Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA.

In India, Dr Ajmani has contributed to developing the regulatory framework, operational policies, and processes in the field of plasma fractionation. His pioneering work has paved the road for the plasma fractionation industry in India and elsewhere in the region.

Dr Ajmani was a member of the organising committee for WHO-conducted workshops on Blood Component Therapy and Plasma Fractionation, and Hemovigilance in the WHO and its South-East Asia Region (SEARO). Through this work Dr Ajmani has assisted many countries in South-East Asia to develop their plasma fractionation programs.

Upon appointment to the role, Dr Ajmani said:

“Our vision is to change the landscape of plasma fractionation in Asia and other developing countries by creating sustainable models in the region using Aegros’ unique HaemaFrac® process. More than 2 million litres of plasma are wasted every year in Asia, the HaemaFrac® can turn this into safe plasma therapies. We look forward to collaborating with blood centres, regulators, and local and international organisations. Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life of patients in the region by providing safe plasma-derived medicines on a consistent basis”. 

The role as Chief Executive Officer Aegros Asia will be based in Singapore.

“Dr Ajmani is a distinguished contributor to advancing access to life-saving plasma medicines for those across Asia and also in the Indo-Pacific,” said Professor Hari Nair Co-founder and Executive Chair of The Aegros Group.

“He is an experienced businessman, a thought leader in plasma fractionation, and someone with the proven experience needed to transform blood plasma opportunities into blood plasma realities,” continued Professor Nair.

Dr Ajmani has delivered academic and industry presentations on various issues related to Plasma Protein Therapy, especially in reference to developing and under-developed countries, at both National and International meetings organized by PPTA, IPFA, AATM, ISTM, ISBT, and Bio-Plasma Asia. Dr Ajmani has authored chapters in plasma fractionation monographs, is a visiting faculty member of academic and research councils at several institutions. Dr Ajmani is an Advisor to the Plasma Proteins Therapy working Group of the Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM). He is also member of the Expert Committee on blood plasma products of the Indian Pharmacopeia Commission (IPC).  In his spare time, Dr Ajmani is a passionate teacher and mentor, a prolific speaker, a creative writer, cook and an influencer.

“Asia represents 60% of the world’s population, and yet it accounts for less than 20% of the world’s therapeutic plasma market. Further, there are over 2 million litres of plasma wasted each year in Asia, Plasma that can not be processed by existing fractionators. The HaemaFrac® can process this plasma into safe therapeutic products for these under served markets. We look forward to working with the blood collection organisations and regulators across these jurisdictions to provide these  vital life-saving and life-changing medicines. This is exactly what HaemaFrac® fractionation offers and why Aegros is thrilled to make this announcement and to appoint our colleague, Dr Ajmani to the CEO position of Aegros Asia,” stated Mr John Manusu, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Aegros.