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When you look at the designs for Aegros’ new facility, to be built at the BioPark Australia in Greater Springfield Queensland, you are looking at the future of plasma fractionation.

Set to commence operations in 2025, Australian patients will be the main beneficiaries of a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of plasma medicines.

Aegros HaemaFrac® is the blood plasma fractionation technology of the future and Aegros’ new Springfield facility is an example of the capabilities on offer to jurisdictions interested in an Aegros Replications project.

Benefits of a HaemaFrac® facility:

  • Process yields of around 90% – make the most medicines from each litre of plasma
  • Very high product purity
  • Flexible batch sizes – from as little a 5 litres
  • Capital investment costs only a fraction of a Cohn processing facility
  • Significantly reduced running costs
  • Vastly improved environmental performance, and
  • High product safety.

These benefits combine to create highly efficient manufacturing.

Success at Different Scales

As a general rule if you are processing more than 50,000L of plasma pa it is more economical to build a fractionation facility using the Aegros HaemaFrac® process. For annual plasma volumes less than 50,000L it is generally more economical for Aegros to contract fractionate the plasma.

By way of example, Aegros’ exclusive hyperimmune facility in Macquarie Park, NSW (You can take a virtual tour of the Macquarie Park facility here) started at a production volume of 50,000L/per annum and now processes up to 150,000 L/per annum while, when completed, the Springfield site will be able to process 1,000,000 L.

With the yield advantage HaemaFrac® offers, the output from the Springfield facility will be equivalent to that obtained from 2,000,000 L of fractionation using Cohn technology. In terms of outputs, Aegros’ Springfield location will therefore become one of the largest producers of blood plasma medicines in the world.

HaemaFrac® has arrived

Aegros HaemaFrac® sets a new standard of performance in the manufacture of high-quality medicines made from blood plasma.

Speak to us now about your plans for a plasma fractionation project powered by HaemaFrac®.

Further information:

  1. Read the announcement from the Queensland government supporting the development of the Springfield BioPark facility.
  2. Watch the Hon Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, along with Aegros Co-founder and Executive Chair, Professor Hari Nair, at the media launch event for the Springfield BioPark development.