Proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Invested in Queensland program.

In the words of the Hon Cameron Dick, Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, Aegros’ new one million litre plasma fractionation facility is a game-changing announcement for Queensland and for Australia.

Aegros’ one million litre HaemaFrac® fractionation facility will be developed at the Springfield BioPark, Ipswich Queensland and will greatly add to Australia’s self-sufficiency in blood plasma medicines.

Announced on Friday at a media event, the Queensland state government has committed to supporting the building and development of Aegros’ HaemaFrac® powered fractionation facility, at the BioPark Australia in Greater Springfield Queensland. The announcement puts the Springfield BioPark on the map as a destination for advanced manufacturing in pharmaceuticals and heath technologies, making good on the vision for the park held by both government and the private sector.

The project, supported by the Queensland government’s Invested in Queensland program, will create jobs in both the construction and operational stages for Queenslanders, and will secure a reliable supply of plasma-derived medicines for the state as well as Australia as a whole.  Medicines made from blood plasma are used in neurology, immunology, organ transplants, trauma surgery, and a wide range of other therapies.

The new facility, which will come online in 2025, will more than double Australia’s ability to produce these vital medicines and will also enable Australia to become an exporter of products such as albumin, immunoglobulin, Factor VIII, and Factor IX.

To date, Australia has only been around 50% self-sufficient in these products and, thanks to the support of the Queensland government and the advantages of the HaemaFrac®, including yields of ~90%, Aergos looks forward to growing Australia’s self-sufficiency; to reducing the cost of these medicines to the health care budget, and to meeting the needs of Australian patients and their families.