We are very pleased to be able to share with you the video of the speeches and presentations delivered to guests and attendees of the Aegros R&D Open Day, held at Macquarie Park NSW on 14 March (see below for a PDF of the presentations).

Over 50 people attended the Aegros R&D Open Day including stakeholders in the management and use of plasma medicines, fractionation experts, investors, state and federal decision makers, patient advocates, and leading academics.

Though the day may have been rainy, the light of science and innovation shone clearly.

Presentations from the R&D Open Day

We have had many requests to share with you the presentations that were made on the day and so we have compiled them into a single document for you to read or download.

In the below PDF you will be able to see the following presentations:

  1. Founders’ Welcome – Professor Nair & John Manusu
  2. R&D Presentation – Emeritus Professor Stephen Mahler (Global Chief of Science & Technology)
  3. Medical Presentation – Dr Leon Rozen (Chief Medical Officer)
  4. Engineering Presentation – Mr Damian Thornton (CEO Aegros Engineering & Interim CEO Aegros Therapeutics)

Download or read the Aegros R&D Open Day combined PDF (8 mg) below.