Co-founder and Managing Director of Aegros, John Manusu, was interviewed recently by Proactive, a UK-based market report media outlet that covers the world’s major stock markets, to deliver the latest information regarding Aegros’ operations.

There is currently a lot happening at Aegros.

The world is still adjusting to the reality that global blood plasma supply is insecure and subject to supply chain shocks, such as Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine.

Aegros is gearing up to play a role in solving that problem, thanks to the Aegros HaemaFrac®, the only plasma fractionation technology that offers the yields needed to produce enough plasma derived medicinal products (PDMPs) to meet the growing need.

Solving the global need for generic PDMPs is only one part of what is keeping Aegros busy. As Australia’s newest specialist hyperimmune manufacturer, Aegros is confidently moving forward with the pre-commercial clinical trial of its Covid-19 hyperimmune product.

A hyperimmune is made from convalescent plasma and in this case Aegros has made one from plasma donated by those who have recovered from Covid-19.

Watch this Proactive interview for more information on Aegros’ activities and learn why this is the right time to invest in Aegros.