What Makes Us Unique

We established Aegros to help make therapeutic products available to all. At Aegros, we believe access to these life saving drugs is a human right and not a privilege. In a nutshell, our mission is to put the Patients 1st through innovation.

To achieve this we created a unique team who can:

To deliver a therapeutic plasma product you have to control 3 primary aspects:

Aegros team have a demonstrated ability to deliver these three aspects, specifically:

In a previous life the Aegros Team created and ran the world’s largest non-fractionator plasma collection business. This business collected normal, hyperimmune and bioterrorism plasma for sale to the fractionators and the US Government. This business was compliant with FDA, EMA and a number of other country regulatory bodies.

The Aegros team has over 100 years collective experience inventing, developing and delivering novel separation solutions for customers. In order to protect these developments, this team created over 50 patent families. The team invented CyMES to enable emerging countries to be self-sufficient in plasma products.

The Aegros Team are the only group who have received cGMP approval for a novel plasma separation process in the last 40 years.

The Aegros team are the only team which can deliver a total plasma fractionation solution from plasma collection to finished product for emerging markets.

Aegros Leadership Team


With over 60 years in the plasma market Dr Hari Nair and Mr John Manusu bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections to the plasma market.