The current fractionators have evolved their processes from the original Cohn process developed by Dr Edwin J Cohn, first used to treat US service men attacked in December 1941 at Pearl Harbor. While improvements have been made the backbone of this process has remained the same over the ensuring 75 years.

Aegros’ process connects to the front and back end of the Cohn process replacing the multiple capture steps with a single ElectroSeparation step. This increases overall process yield, reduces process time, steps and cost making plasma fractionation viable at the 50,000L level.


Existing fractionators manufacture a number of products from human plasma, generally in a cascade process. Below are a number of examples showing these cascade fractionation processes.

All of these processes start with human plasma and follow a significant number of production steps to produce at least three products, Albumin, IVIG & FVIII. Each of these products are linked in a cascade fashion, such that a change in the production process of one product will impact on the production of the next product. Each production step introduces product losses, cost and time.


By comparison Aegros has developed the following plasma fractionation process.

Aegros ElectroSeparation manufacturing process for Albumin and IVIG

The Aegros ElectroSeparation process reduces the number of production steps, thereby increasing product recover while reducing process time and cost.