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Aegros signs lease for 9,000m2 Fractionation Facility in Jerusalem





Sydney, Australia 18th February 2019 – The Board of Aegros is delighted to advise it has signed a long-term lease with GATI for a cGMP approved fractionation facility in Jerusalem.

This is a 9,000m2 facility located in the Har Hotzvim technology park, Jerusalem. Omrix, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson constructed this 100,000L fractionation facility for approximately US$60m in 2012. This cGMP facility was producing human therapeutic plasma products until late 2018 in compliance with the EMA, Health Canada, the Ministry of Health, Israel and the US FDA.

As part of this lease, Aegros will acquire ownership of the facility fitout including the clean rooms, all of the facility utilities and the water for injection plant. This saves Aegros the time and expense of building a greenfield fractionation facility in which to incorporate its patented CyMES technology and process for the production of human albumin, immunoglobulins (IVIG) & FVIII.

Aegros will begin work in the facility in May 2019 and will incorporate its patented CyMES technology into this facility over the next year. Aegros plans to start production of Albumin, IVIG & FVIII thereafter. Aegros will use this facility for both R&D and production of therapeutic plasma products. It is anticipated Aegros will employ up to 100 highly skilled individuals at this site.

Dr Hari Nair, Executive Chairman of Aegros said “This acquisition has fulfilled our goals of acquiring and refitting a facility to fast track the introduction of our unique fractionation technology”

Mr John Manusu, Managing Director of Aegros said “The acquisition of this this fractionation facility fast tracks Aegros’ commercial production of therapeutic Albumin, IVIG & FVIII using our CyMES fractionation technology.”


For more information please contact:
Dr Hari Nair
+61 2 9683 8673


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Our mission is to develop and become the market leader in the emerging therapeutic plasma markets. The Company will achieve this by integrating the multi patent pending CyMES with existing processes to deliver safer & more affordable therapeutic plasma products.

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